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2020 Quarterly Theme, Calendar of Gospel New Life Church Of God IncYear Theme: Bring Out the Gifts, Serve One Another (1 Peter 4ï¼Å¡10)12/31/2020QuarterlyThemeMinistry Focus 1stJan.-MarKnow ourselves1. Duty adjustment and distribution among members re-structuring of each fellowship; Renewing Name lists, Discipleship training.2. Promote church Sunday Daily devotion, renew Sunday welcome team system,3.Palm Sunday, Easter, 18th Anniversary plan & preparation 2ndApril-JuneDiscipline ourselves 1. Promote small group activities, 2.Encouraging all members to join a serving ministry, .3.Review 1-6 & Plan 7-4 Church activities, Prepare join Conference 3rdJuly-Sep.Equip ourselves 1.Join Church Conference2. Inviting and accepting new friends through all kinds of summer activities such as , picnic & Banquet. 3.Organizing all kinds of activities to spread the Gospel & inviting new friends to cell groups, fellowships, family and church activities 4thOct.-Dec.Consecrate ourselves 1.One lead one activities2.Examining service work for the past year and preparing for 2020 ministry; Contacting new freind, electing the new freind 3.Preparing the congregational meeting, handbook Major Church Activities in 2020. Beginning operations of the ministry(1/4); Inauguration of new Deacons (2/1) 2. 10 Congregational Meeting, Annual Book (2/1). Concert 3. March break activities (3/9-18)4. Palm Sunday(4/24), Easter Service, 27h Anniversary,Youth Play5. Mother’s Day celebration (5/10), 6. Fathers Day (6/21) Youth camping.7. 7/4-27 , (7/28-20) picnic, Summer B-B-Q, activities.8. 8/7-8 Leadership Summit 2020, 9. 9/11-13 conference10. Thanksgiving Day (10/4) Prayer11. (11/14) Plan & Preparing for next year’s ministry. 12. (12/13) Bible Day , youth concer,play (12/19-26), Year-end prayer meetingThe Goal of the year “Bring our Gifts, Shine this generation ”
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2020 Quarterly Theme, Calendar of  Gospel New Life Church Of God Inc
Year Theme: Bring Out the Gifts, Serve One Another (1 Peter 4:10)
Quarterly Theme Ministry Focus
Jan.-Mar Know ourselves 1. Duty adjustment and distribution among m