Stephanie St louis

Stephanie  from  Baie D’Orange ,Haiti is one of the thousands of children waiting for a sponsor. For about a dollar a day,($30 a month ) you can give her a chance to escape poverty by providing her with some of life's basic needs — education, health care, and nutritious food.

Ready to save her life?  


Sponsor A Child

Sponsorship is a special kind of giving that creates a relationship between you and the community in which Help From The Lord  is helping to create real and lasting change. It provides more than the satisfaction that comes with aid for improving the health and well-being of children; it delivers a special opportunity to witness young lives lifted over time. Through child sponsorship, two lives are changed forever: yours and the life of your sponsored child.


  • Creates a unique bond between you and a child in need
  • Helps benefactors witness firsthand the work that Help From The Lord does  
  • Fosters a meaningful relationship through letters and other correspondence across borders and human boundarieSponsor A Childs