If you were given five minutes to tell your story right now about how Jesus’ love has impacted your life, could you do it?  If I were to spend the next five minutes telling you about the love of Jesus in my life, would you recognize God’s work and could you be patient enough to listen? If we encountered one another on the street or in the store or over the phone today, would you be ready to express Jesus’ love for you, and for me, in meaningful ways?

Evangelism is not a program or a project.  Evangelism is a way of moving about in the world. In my  understanding the word evangelism means that as we join in God’s work in the world we help others recognize the power and presence of God.  We want to be equipped with eyes to see, ears to hear, lips to tell, hands to help, and hearts to compel us into such loving relationships with the world.  We want to recognize God’s reconciling and redeeming work, made flesh in Jesus Christ, in our daily lives!

Sharing in the Good News is risky business because it means not only that the lives of others might be changed, but also that our lives might be transformed.  God’s witness may show up in us to impact others, or in others to impact us.  We can never be sure, but we endeavor to be ready.

I wish to encourage you in your efforts to enhance your skills and enrich your passion for sharing in the good news of the Gospel with your family, friends, acquaintances, coworkers, neighbors, strangers, and even enemies throughout your local communities and social networks!  

This website is a cooperative effort of faith communities committed to telling and re-telling the story.  We appreciate the opportunity to help you and others tell the great story of God’s love for us in Jesus.  You are encouraged to use the resources here to assist you in your evangelism efforts, to help you tell your story alongside the gospel story.

May God grant you wisdom and courage, readiness for the privilege of sharing in the good news of Jesus Christ  our Lord.

In Christ’s Peace,

1/15/2011 With love

Mother Mary Ritenbaught grew famous for humbly ministering to the sicks, the homeless and the poorest of the poor in Petionville ,cite soleil Jacmel ect,Haiti. Joined pittstburgh PA church met sister Patrica ,Helen.. In 1983    Bishop Robert and mother  founded the Missionaries of Charity in Marah Jacmel HELP FROM THE LORD, a new order devoted to helping the sick and poor(born  — died January 3, 2011,   toccoa GA